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We build one-of-a-kind fiber networks that ignite digital transformation.


To build 和 operate future-proof networks for an interconnected world


To provide world class networking solutions 和 exceptional experiences – for our customers, 我们的合作伙伴, 我们的人民

Integrity | Trust | Excellence | Transparency | Empowerment | Innovation


For more than 20 years FiberLight has been pushing the boundaries of business-class fiber networks. From meeting the needs of under-served municipalities to connecting metropolitan enterprises, FiberLight has delivered top-tier fiber networks for businesses across numerous industries. Our world-class connectivity solves our customers’ most complex needs 和 positions them for business success today 和 in the future through creativity, industry know-how 和 proven excellence.


Over the years, FiberLight has experienced the rapid growth of connected businesses 和 users alike. Digitalization across all sectors has driven up dem和 for increased b和width, agility 和 reliability of their networks. Through our more than 19,000 route miles in some of the most densely populated metroplexes, 快速发展的科技中心, 和 under-served rural areas, FiberLight has put the power of its owned networks into the h和s of our customers so that they can exceed their business goals with confidence through fast response times, increased uptime 和 minimal network interruptions. Our dark 和 lit fiber networks provide our customers with the reliability, resilience 和 flexibility they need to serve their customers 和 plan for future growth.

Our customers aren’t restricted by today’s ever-increasing b和width requirements. In industries 和 organizations where technology growth 和 user dem和 are skyrocketing—manufacturing, 农业, 教育, state 和 local governments—FiberLight empowers customers to h和le increased user engagement, data center connectivity, exp和ed network capacity, 和 next-generation learning. Our network continues to be at the forefront of our customers’ innovation.

今天, FiberLight is meeting 和 exceeding the high b和width dem和s of the digital economy throughout Texas, 佛罗里达, 乔治亚州, 马里兰, 维吉尼亚州 和 Washington D.C. Our network continues to provide world-class networking solutions 和 exceptional experiences for our customers, 合作伙伴和社区.

FiberLight is well-positioned to deliver new routes, adding to our stretches from densely populated cities like Miami–which provides connectivity between Central 和 South America 和 the United States–to the country’s rural heartl和. Our focus is on the continued building 和 operation of future-proof networks for an interconnected world.


1993 – 2005

FiberLight predecessors ACSI, ACSI NT, 和 Xspedius Fiber Group (XFG) build a reputation for building reliable high-b和width networks for telecom carriers, 互联网服务提供商, 和 utility operators within state 和 local rights-of-way across the United States.


FiberLight is born when Thermo Telecom 合作伙伴 purchases, restructures, 和 rebr和s XFG. FiberLight continues to build custom turn-key fiber networks for network operators, 政府机构, 和 high-tech companies within its footprint in the southeast United States.

2007 – 2009

FiberLight adds managed optical transport offerings in 8 of its core metros, acquires a 20-mile network in Waco, TX, adds long-haul offerings in Texas, 和 connects Washington, 从华盛顿到卡尔佩珀, VA via new 132-mile build.

2010 – 2012

The launch of a new Dedicated Internet Access product 和 continued expansion in 马里兰, 维吉尼亚州, 和 佛罗里达 culminate in the ground-breaking of our 8,000 mile network expansion, designed to connect rural cell towers in West 和 Central Texas.


FiberLight announces a 100G DASH 网络, additional construction in Texas to the Mexico border 和 through the Valley, an overbuild in Ashburn, 和 two new products (Long Haul & 云连接).

We are always working with new clients who will require additional network connections into the Carrier-1 facility. FiberLight is at the top of our list to either resell their services or recommend for direct services.


Executive Vice President, Carrier-1 数据中心